Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sunday October 13th-DC artist Ethan Van Sciver

The Dames are super excited to announce that this Sunday, October 13th we will be joined by legendary artist Ethan Van Sciver.  

Ethan is one of the most popular artists working comics today, Ethan Van Sciver is best known for his work on the mini series that brought back Hal Jordan, GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH. He's also penciled SUPERMAN/BATMAN and the special issues introducing readers to the Green Lantern nemesis THE SINESTRO CORPS, and is one of DC's top cover artists.

Always quirky and ridiculously entertaining, EVS has an abundance of knowledge about the comic book industry but is also a fanboy  with a large collection of autographs.
Join us Sunday 3-4pm CST for another episode of Fangirls: Dames of the Round Table only on www.deepellumonair.com 

p.s. i also consider him a friend and have been lucky enough to meet and speak with him over the years.- TD