Monday, November 11, 2013


Join us November 17th, for a special round table reading of "William Shakespeare's :Star Wars". The girls have picked out some of their favorite pages and will be reading them aloud in their best Elizabethan tongue. also AND finally- LADY VADER, Leia, finally joins us!!! Oh yes... you don't want to miss what will surely be 30 mins of amusement.

not only will you lucky viewers get the dames reading star wars, we have legendary artist of Batman, Conan, and The Sandman, KELLEY JONES Skyping in to chat with us. 

Appaloosa Red can barely contain herself!! Will she giggle with delight and not be 
able to ask her questions?? Will she tear up with happiness? tune in to find out!!


Also we'll be speaking with our young friend Reese of The SUPER 6, as she rallies us up for a month long donation drive for toys to take to the Scottish Rite Hospital for kids on Christmas. please join us LIVE 3-4pmCST at
for an incredible hour!