Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guest info for Sunday, December 8th!

The Winter break is over and the dames are back with a bunch of reviews and opinions! We'll be discussing BioShock Burial At Sea, Arkham Origins, Son of Batman, and our guest cohost and misfit,Natalie Green has a book review for us!

Later in the show, we'll be talking with nerdcore rapper and awesomeographer- 1-UP.  If you havent heard of him then get your head out of your ass and check out some of his beats below or the above linked youtube page.

 We were fortunate enough to have two of the dames mentioned in his song
 "The Fan Girls Fan Boy" which you can watch below with more of his rad works.

singing about Jason David Frank in his song " To Be Jason David Frank"

how about some  " NES, Nerdcore Emulation System"