Monday, February 10, 2014

fangirls take on the NERDLESQUE festival 2014!!

So a few weeks ago Black Mariah announced that she had been accepted to the 2014 Nerdlesque Festival being held in NYC April 3-6. Not only was Black Mariah accepted as one of the 30 performers, she was the only one accepted from North Texas, out of 200 submissions.

Black Mariah's TRON routine was picked to join the ranks of the worlds best performing geeks. Now this is a number she normally does with the amazing Angi B Lovely, but because of timing and other life needs, Angi B Lovely cannot make it. What is Black Mariah to do??

With the announcement of the NYC trip; The Taffeta Darling was down for the road trip to cheer on her dear friend who will be far away from her home.  BUT NOW, Taffeta has stepped up to fill the big shoes of Angi B Lovely and has agreed to take the stage to join her fellow geeky friend. For the first time ever, TAFFETA DARLING WILL BE PERFORMING A BURLESQUE ROUTINE.  YES. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. It will be a modified version of the famous routine made by the original duo.

"for my first trip to NYC, i was really excited to cheer on black mariah, and visit the ghostbusters fire house. but now i'm ridiculously nervous to take the stage in a TRON suit and battle dance with my girl. im a horrible dancer, but Black Mariah is an excellent teacher. i wont be able to do the same stuff Angi B Lovely does, but it'll be just as neat. im excited to see it all come together" - taffeta darling

Below is a video of Angi B Lovely and Black Mariah's TRON burlesque routine which will be recreated with the help of Taffeta.