Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TOP FIVE Favorite Characters

So we've decided to do more on this blog than just posting shows and schedule; every week we're going to have a random top five.  Today we start off with our top five favorite characters and why!

Appaloosa here. I want to share my first FANGIRL TOP FIVE list with you. Why? Because I RULE! 

Top five reasons why Phoenix is my JAM:
1)Jean FRAKKING GREY! She is the original Marvel Girl, the strongest, the FIRST of the X-WOMEN, she is ALL THERE IS.
2) She has ALL THE POWER. She just blinks, and there it is! It's IN her and fused to her by the power of....
3) The M'Krann Crystal. It is the SOURCE of the Fiery Phoenix Power, and once it finds Jeanie, it sees a kindred soul.
4) She assumes the mantle of the Phoenix, and is (originally) for GOOD. That just blows my mind. She EVOLVES. Bitch has got SKILLS. Unfortunately the vessel cannot contain all of it and it becomes....
5) DARK PHOENIX! Still my all time fave. Even at her worst, she was amazing. She still loved Scott, and has feelings for the team but alas, she doesn't care too much, only for her insatiable HUNGER. And as the walls in her mind come crumbling and tumbling down she is BECOMING- she is POWER, she is LIFE INCARNATE, she is PHOENIX. 

Thank the Lords of Kobol for the wonderful gifts of John Byrne and Chris Claremont. It is by far one of my favorite story arcs, and I NEVER get tired of reading it!

Five Reasons I Love Zatanna- By Chaka Cumberbatch

1. She's the textbook definition of a self-rescuing princess. We were first introduced to the Mistress of Magic while she was investigating the disappearance of her father, the famed magician Giovanni Zatara. She's never been the type to sit around and wait to be rescued.

2. She's beautiful, dangerous, and not afraid to get her hands dirty in pursuit of the greater good. During Infinity Crisis, Zatanna found herself at the center of her own personal moral crisis when she used her magic to wipe the memories of a villain who'd committed an unspeakable crime. When Batman became aware of what she'd done, she wiped his memories as well. A magician never reveals her secrets - right? While her heart was in the right place, her methods definitely toed the line between right and wrong. But she wasn't afraid to go there, and I respect that.

3. Her stories pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors. While Zee is no stranger to relationships (most notably with antihero and fellow magician John Constantine), she's a well rounded woman whose worth is in no way reliant upon a significant other, and as a result, she doesn't waste any time whining about a boyfriend (or a lack thereof). 

4. She casts her spells by speaking them backwards. Enough said. I mean, she was once turned into a ventriloquist doll and reversed the spell using only her MIND. 

5. Her trademark look involves fishnets, heels and killer red lips. There's something to be said for a woman who isn't afraid to embrace her femininity and play up her sexuality without surrendering her power in the process. Her illusions are alluring, but her skills are unmatched. There are more than just a few tricks up her sleeve!

Top 5 Reasons Why Sailor Uranus RULES by Halo Seraphim

5. She is a professional race car driver at the age of 17.

Total Pimp!

4. She is a bad ass with her space word

 I’m gonna ram dis where da sun don’t shine…...bitches.

3. She looks damn sexy in the man clothes…

"i know Sailor Moon agrees"

2. She is one half of the hottest (and most romantic) couple in all of comics (IMHO). She would die for her partner, Sailor Neptune.

1. She is such a caring person that with 2 partners (Sailor Pluto & Sailor neptune) she adopts this adorable little girl (Sailor Saturn). You have to have a pretty big heart to do something like that


5. Stronger than a whale, He can swim anywhere, He can breathe under water And go flying through the air, The noble Sub Mariner ,Prince of the deepSo, beware you deadly demons,Lord Namor of Atlantis,Is the Prince of the Deep. (1966 cartoon theme)

4: Established Oracle Inc. dedicated to providing safety to sea life... he cares not for surface dwellers, but death to ocean intruders!! he even joined the illuminati to safeguard the Atlantean's interest. He has a heart for the ocean, as do i.

3. So bad ass that he needs more than one alias to keep up with all of the double agenting he does. "Namor the First, the Avenging Son, the Old Man, Rex, Sealord, Joe Pierre"

2. for 75 years Namor has been a hot headed jerk who gives no fucks about which team he is fighting on. he has appeared as both the super villain and has joined forces with the good guys just to use them for his cause.  His ego and his people come first.  he'll fight by your side one day, fight against you the next, and then try to steal your wife. Truly the mightiest Anti-Hero

1. he is the first ever marvel super hero and he first mutant. in fact the king of Atlantis has many firsts; including the first fight between super heroes (namor vs the original human torch in 1948's Marvel Mystery Comics) He was also the first super hero that could fly. (thanks to those adorable ankle wings)