Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Trouble in Little China issue #2 preview

Earlier this month i "oohed and awwed" over issue one of Big Trouble in Little China. I recommended it to everyone and it sold out at my work. The much anticipated issue #2 preview has been released today and it's looking like this is going to continue to be an adventure filled story. 

There's mention of the souls of the THREE STORMS and i was curious if we were going to get some of these elders in this new comic title. I mean it's a continuation of the original story so this hint is fantastic! 
I'll be reading the new issue later this week and ill share my review. Also stay tuned for an upcoming interview with writer, artist and underground comics hero, Eric Powell.  - TD

Before, Jack Burton and Wang had to save Wang’s kidnapped-bride-to-be. Now, Wang’s the one who’s been kidnapped and Jack Burton’s back in action! Jack and Egg Shen travel through Chinatown’s Black Road and the villains Jack faced before have something new on their mind: REVENGE!  Check out these previews pages for BTiLC #2 out July 2nd.

Three variant covers by  Eric Powell, Joe Quinones and Dan Panosian.