Monday, June 16, 2014

Bob's Burgers is getting a comic!

hey Fangirls and fanboys, are you starving from the lack of a Tina, Gene,  Louis, Bob and  Linda? Well the creators have some satisfying news for you.

Bob’s Burgers is getting its own comic book spin-off from the very writers and artists who make the show. “If you like Bob’s Burgers and you like comic books, then you may feel like you’re living in one of the greatest times in human history,” series creator Loren Bouchard says, adding, “Of course, we could really mess it up. Then you’d feel like you were living in one of the worst times in human history.” 
The first issue from Dynamite, is scheduled to release in August and  it will supposedly feature five separate stories highlighting a different member of the Belcher family: “Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries,” “A Gene Belcher Original Musical,” “Letters Written by Linda,” ”Bob’s Burgers Of The Day,” and of course, “Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction.” BUTTS.