Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Bat Place, New Bat Time

Ahoy-hoy to all the friends of the Fangirls: Dames of the Round Table!!

We have some exciting new developments going on:
1. We have officially left the DEOA broadcasting group. Short story is that for us to realize our goal of complete independence and DIY status, we've decided to count on ourselves for our future success (or failure). It's just that Dallas Fangirls are building and getting their own studio and we've never been happier.There is no ill will or hateful feelings towards DEOA and we wish DEOA all the best!  We're just ready to have an even louder and independent voice.

2. All our shows will now be streamed EVERY SUNDAY (we are i town) via our Official FANGIRLS YouTube Channel . Also look for more on location/remote broadcasts from us thanks to so many companies inviting us to come out and share our love of fandom.

3. NEW TIME! We will now be taking over the 1pmCST time slot and go until whenever we want! We'll still be talking about all things pop culture in the fandom world, and talking to some of the best guests around;but now we're doing it earlier, harder and sometimes longer!

4. Sponsorships! We will soon be announcing our new sponsors! We're incredible excited to team up with some of our favorite stores and businesses. Which means we will have even more FREE swag to give away. Exciting yes??

and finally, THANK YOU to all the supporters and friends (this means YOU) we've made in not even a years time. You make our dreams come true!

Keep your eyes here as this is where all our official updates, schedule and show info will be updated.