Friday, July 11, 2014

Interview w/ Artist and Writer ERIC POWELL

Since the release of the Big Trouble in Little China comic book, I've been gushing about how awesome a job Eric Powell is doing with giving all the fans a little more Jack.  After John Carpenter shared my review of issue #1, I had the gusto in me to ask Eric for a quick interview. This was really a guise to tell him face to face how awesome and how thankful I was that he is giving us 12 more months of The Pork Chop Express. Even though i had been suffering from a gnarly bronchial infection I still opted to do it then rather then later or possibly never. I had to cut the end kind of quick because right at the end of the interview I went into a coughing fit, and sort of drooled. (no one wants to see that)

Thanks again Eric! I look forward to the new Goon:Occasion of Revenge and the continual success of the Big Trouble in Little China comic. And I'll be picking up the Billy The Kid's Old Timey Oddities Omnibus. CANT WAIT!! - TD

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