Monday, July 21, 2014


Although nearly a month after his first appearance, DC Comics has decided that July 23rd is BATMAN DAY.

There are celebrations happening around the globe for the World's Greatest Detective, and of course the DOTRT are no exception. We've teamed up with Dallas' finest Keith's Comics for a FREE giveaway celebrating our favorite caped crusader via PINT GLASS form. These are limited edition pint glasses with the Batman 75 logo on one side and Keith's Comics named on the other.

To win these two pint glasses:

1. Please follow BOTH Keith's Comics Mockingbird and Fangirls:Dames of the Round Table on Facebook.
2. Share your favorite Batman story with the Dames of the Round Table either by twitter @fangirls, or on our facebook page. Between NOW and Wednesday at 11pm CST. We will pick one random BATfan and announce it Thursday,July 24th.

While were waiting to pick a winner, come visit us at Keith's Comics Mockingbird from 530-630pm for some awesome BATMAN sale items. And appearances from CATOWMAN, THE RIDDLER and the birthday boy himself, BATMAN!

Afterwards head over to the Angelika Theater for a double feature of Batman '89 and Batman begins. Each movie is $7.00 a ticket.

side note* We are willing to ship anywhere nicely padded and protected, but should the break in transit, we cant replace them since so little were made. bummer!