Monday, July 21, 2014

Quakecon 2014 Video Interviews and recap.

This last weekend I had the awesome invitation of joining McCort Entertainment at Quake Con 2014 in Dallas, TX. If you're unfamiliar with Quake Con it's a huge LAN gaming party where everyone plugs in, tunes out and plays games on their computer for four days and three nights. It's also where some of the newest releases and exclusives for the upcoming PC gaming year are exhibited.  
      Returning as usual was the team from Bethesda with their free play area and rad statues. We checked out a bit of The Evil Within, but sadly we were unable to get any pictures or gameplay due to it's early stages in development. The Evil Within comes from the father of
horror survivor game genre, Shinji Mikame, who also brought us the Resident Evil series.
The game looked similar to what some players might already be use to. The graphics were as expected and they do resemble the RE style, but hey if it's not broken don't fix it.
       Check out the trailer for the Evil Within.

With as much emphasizes as there is on the bigger upcoming games like Doom and Wolfenstein, we've never failed to find some interesting upcoming independent games. We talked to the creators of Wrack and tested out the game Zen Path from the crew at Limn Interactive.
       Zen Pathz took a few minutes to learn. I jumped in to a game already in progress and had to learn quickly that I needed to follow the Panda and throw out the spikes. There hasn't been much press on the game and so it was fantastic getting to play this game and talk to the creators.  The Alien Wear guys had some fun stuff with them and explained to me how although I've been turned off by PC gaming previously, that they now had the equipment needed to change my mind (thanks Leonard!)

New this year was the table top gaming area sponsored by Common Ground Games. The  owner, Jamison explained that this was something that had been talked about and finally happened as a second gaming option for attendees when they needed a break from their computers. As an added bonus my friends (that I met last year) from the Upper Cut Circuit, a local fighting game club, we're in attendance with their custom console arcade sets ups with the new Killer Instinct game and Skull Girls, which I had never heard of. And being the Marvel vs Capcom fan that I am, it's a damn shame that I hadn't already picked up this game earlier.

Over all it was a great time and I loved seeing the familiar faces from our friends the SCNSL webcast and the group from Modders Inc.  Although our life broadcast was cut short at the last minute I still had a fun time and met new people, which is re ally what it's all about to me. - TD

Check out all the interviews in the compilation video below by