Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This weekend---QUAKE CON 2014!!

This weekend you can catch the Fangirls webcast all over North Texas conventions. First up we are QuakeCon 2014 bound with our friends at  We'll be there all day Thursday talking with some of the best PC gamers and checking out their incredible mods!! My top choice from last year was the ISIS Computer from the TV show ARCHER. It even sang the "what what?" Pirate Virus song. GENIUS!

If you're in the area and have ever been curious about PC gaming, come check it out. IT'S FREE!! YES. FREE convention. You must register on site, and then all is open. Demos, panels, and good times. ALSO A BAR. 

SCNSL, Taffeta Darling and McCort Entertainment at QuakeCon 2014