Friday, August 22, 2014

"A Galaxy Far Far Away ..."

Saturday,August 30th we'll be celebrating with the crew from ArtLoveMagic & Jedigoddess for their closing ceremony of "A Galaxy Far Far Away ..." at the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar. 

The FINALE to their 10 day gallery exhibit goes from 
5:00p to 10:00p (all ages welcome) and a recommended minimum donation is $5 is asked with all proceeds supporting ArtLoveMagic and Jedigoddess Presents.

There will be dozens of artists creating live throughout the night and live music by:

Nerdcore rapper 1-Up!, making his debut on the ArtLoveMagic stage.

Old School Poindexter, who’ll drop science like a freshman in an 8am Biology course!

Loyal Sally, rocking an acoustic set closing out the cinematic soundtrack

COSPLAY IS WELCOMED, There will be sweet prizes for the best dressed at the end of the night.

This epic event will end our 2 week showcase with a celebration of intelligent life, creativity, and sci-fi!

Be Dope and Prosper!

Host & Producer: Christy Jedigoddess
Producer: Iris Candelaria
Producer & Technical Wizard of Oz: Zach Schrotter