Friday, August 22, 2014

Fangirl Friday! Spotlight on The Fangirl Diaries!

It's Fangirl Friday! Today's crew comes from the podcast The Fangirl Diaries! I came across this fun duo on instagram while searching for other people sharing their weekly comic book haul. Mostly everything they share, I am a fan of too. It's comforting to see other women across the states and world who are passionate about the same stuff as me. It is neat! 

1) Please tell us abut yourselves and the podcast you're involved in.
The Fangirl Diaries is a YouTube channel and podcast created by two best friends (Meli & Elsie) that have a mutual love for all things geek and pop culture. We wanted to shed a more positive light on the label, fangirl, and demonstrate that we are every bit as intelligent and thoughtful as we are ardent and passionate.

2) Years ago it seemed like the word fangirl had a "silly tone" to it. Like we were all giggly girls who couldn't control ourselves...what does the phrase "fangirl" mean to you?
Like I mentioned above, we wanted to change the stereotype of the silly, screaming girl that brings nothing to the table but heavy panting and flailing. To us, a fangirl is a girl/woman that is passionate about her interests, whatever they may be. She wants to be immersed in her favorite worlds, and is not ashamed to flaunt that proudly.  

3) What are some of your favorite topics to talk about?
Meli: Oh boy. Where to begin! I really love geeky fashion and pop culture. I can also talk for days about anything related to Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Hannibal, LOST or Sherlock. 
Elsie: Anything Harry Potter related is always a great conversation topic for me. I love to read, so generally any topic of discussion in literary nature. I'm also an avid TV watcher and love to geek out about the latest episodes for any
of the shows I'm following.

4) Who would be your favorite person to interview EVER?
Meli:I would really love to interview some of the creators/writers of my favorite shows, like Bryan Fuller or J.J. Abrams. I find them to be such creative geniuses and I've always wanted to know what drives their creative process and how they manage such great character development and overarching themes.
Elsie: Oh that's such a tough one! JK Rowling for sure. I'd love to pick her brain. But also, I would love to interview Jennifer Lawrence so she could see how awesome I am and we could become BFF's.

5) If you could go anywhere with anyone where and who?
Meli: This is really tough. It's somewhere between going to New Zealand with Elijah Wood & Dominic Monaghan and basically anywhere with Jennifer Lawrence (that girl knows how to have fun).
Elsie: Anywhere in the world right now? The Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio in London with my husband and best friend, Meli. Anywhere in the thousand incredible worlds of fandom, Asgard with my husband. I think it would make for a lovely and romantic holiday.
Please check out more from these two lovely ladies at their youtube channel, on twitter at @TFGDiaries and on Facebook.