Friday, August 8, 2014

Fangirl Friday with Dita Ida Love

Spotlight on Instagram account ditaidalove!

It's Fangirl Friday and we starting something new each week where we get to know some of the other fans in our community.
The thing I like about Instagram is that it connects you with people who share the same interests with you more than any site I've used. It's instantly becoming my go to social media outlet. while using Instagram ,I stumbled (creeped) across one of the coolest accounts I follow, Dita Ida Love. She's a 1950s enthusiast, avid collector of gorgeous dolls and is a writer in the Dallas area.

1.DOTRT:When Following a person on Instagram we are given a small look into their world. From the awesome insight I've had into yours, I can tell you adore collecting beautiful limited edition dolls, is this a fair assumption? And if so, when did you start collecting?
DIL:I remember my first experience of collecting dolls when I was a kid. I was a SUUUUUPER SERIOUS Spice Girl fan and I had to have ALL of the dolls. I almost succeded until my little sister broke the head on my Baby Spice doll. I was so devasted! I cried (like...really hard) for nights on end. WEEKS! I tried to get her back in tip -top condition so that she could LOOK right sitting on my bunk bed, even if she fell apart if she was touched. She was hard to find so I knew that I couldn't just ask for another one because at that time, that doll was flying off of the shelves. As a result of that, limited edition dolls are something that I initially look for when looking to add pieces to my collection. Dolls that fly off of the shelves. They are something that I take much pride in collecting. Marilyn dolls are usually on the pricey side so I don't have many LE Marilyn dolls. I have a couple but not as many as I'd like to have. The Limited Edition Marilyn doll that I do own is the Tonner "In A Dream" Marilyn Monroe doll, released in March of 2013. I got her the day after she was released. She's based on an outfit Marilyn's character, Pola Debevoise, wore in "How To Marry A Millionaire". She's apart of a LE collection of only 500 so I do keep her with my other Marilyn dolls but never forget to keep her away from floating hands when I have company over, haha. 

2.DOTRT: Do you collect only limited editions or every variation that comes out, what are something's you look for when deciding to purchase?
DIL:I wish! Collecting the type of dolls that I collect, I'd have to rob several banks to afford only limited editions, haha! When on the hunt for new dolls, I usually base my final decision on true-to-character or true-to-original fashion accuracy. I look for authentic pieces. First editions. Take my Jessica Rabbit doll, for example. She's a first edition Disney Collector doll made by Mattel. I decided to buy her before I bought the more recent Tonner Jessica Rabbit doll. I needed to have the original before her successors. After obataining a first edition doll, only THEN will I go after others. My most recent purchase was the Disney Film Collection "Maleficent" doll from The Disney Store. I am budgeting (sadly) so I was going to buy the Jakk's Pacific "Maleficent" doll but thought that she was cheaply put together and that's just not something that I go for. QUALITY OVER PRICE! My dolls have to be in "like new" condition or at least has to be in displayable (is that a word?) condition. My first ever Marilyn doll purchase was the worst decision I've ever made when buying a doll. I was just starting my collection back in 2009. Her box was really bent up and it had no top. I had to make a top for the box to keep dust and everything else from getting in it. I still have her. The box is taped everywhere the eye can see. I thought about buying another one, BNIB (brand new in box), but she and I have some history so I decided  to keep her instead. I certainly learned from that bad choice. You can't always spend less. Quality and condition is everything!

3.DOTRT:Do you have a most expensive doll that will never see the light of day, opposed to opening the box or do you leave the dolls in box?
DIL: I actually do have a pretty expensive doll in my collection. She's the "Always Marilyn" Franklin Mint porcelain Marilyn Monroe doll. She was released in 2003 and she's based on the famous Chanel No.5 photo of Marilyn taken in 1955 by photogrpaher, Ed Feingersh.This was always one of my favorite Marilyn Monroe photo sessions.  She was a must have for me. I'm a huge fan of Chanel No.5 so when I found out about this doll, I went literally nuts waiting and scouring EBay trying to find one at an affordable price. She usually goes for at least $350 - $400 but I scored mine at a cool $100. I couldn't believe it! She was a Christmas present to myself for 2012. She didn't come with her original perfume bottle nor her original doll stand but I was determind to make it work! I couldn't afford the expensive $400 so I had to be creative. My boyfriend at the time bought me a small ( was miniature) bottle of Chanel No.5 that I never used so I decided to glue it in her hand. I never liked the perfume bottle that the doll was released with so this wasn't big deal to me. As long as I could display her with an AUTHENTIC bottle of Chanel No.5, that was all I needed. She is definitely one of the pride and joy's of my collection.

4.DOTRT:You share these wonderful images from the 1950s glamour days and also share models who have a very strong retro glam look. What is it about these ladies and the look that transfers so well into a doll form?
DIL: Dolls are made to be glamorous. They're created to be what a girl wants to look like or possibly what she could be when she becomes of age. I admired and appreciated the glamour in Barbie dolls at a young age. They were what I thought was a piece of what my future self could look like. The models that I post on my page are a reflection of who I've always wanted to be. That retro sex symbol that men would do anything for in the old Hollywood movies. Our Barbie dolls, although not intentionally, did have that sort of...seductive look in their faces. Even their clothing. Everything was either really short or really tight. Their paint jobs (make-up) were strategically made to look like grown, attractive women and I took every last bit of it in and processed it in my head. THAT'S who I wanted to be when I grew up. I went through a Bettie Page faze. I was even going to go as far as chopping my hair and sporting the signature Bettie bangs. But then...I discovered Dita Von Teese. When I discovered Dita, I guess you could say that I was heavily intrigued by her look and persona. I developed an appreciation for the Burlesque community, more so than I ever did when I found out who Bettie Page was. These ladies, unfortuantely, don't have any licensed dolls but a few  OOAK (one of a kind) dolls out there. I have yet to get my hands on an OOAK Dita Von Teese doll but I have found a fellow Dita fan that creates his own so I do have a possibility of owning my very own Dita Von Teese doll some day. When the time (and money) is right.

5.DOTRT:Any tips or guides to collecting dolls you like to share?
5.DIL: What I always tell new collectors is to keep that "Quality and Condition Over Price" mentality. NEVER buy a doll just because you found it at a low price. Whether you're an in-box or out-of-box collector, ALWAYS make sure that the condition is acceptable for displaying and ALWAYS make sure that the doll is authentic and not a fake. There are dupes (duplicates) out there that are a sad excuse for collecting. I've ran into some that looked ok but fell apart once they were taken out of the box (so I read). Being an in-box and very picky doll collector, I've never experienced this. I sure hope that I'm not fooled one day! I tend to take my time doing research on my dolls BEFORE I buy them. That's always important when trying to get the most for your money. Knowing what year, size of collection, and the edition of the doll is also pretty important to me. You want to know what you're buying and more importantly, you want to know if it's worth EVERY PENNY you're about to spend on it. Also, never buy any doll if you don't have a passion for having that doll in your collection. Never buy based on popular vote. What everyone else has may not be what you will want in your collection long term. Sure, you want what everyone is raving about at the moment but do you REALLY feel that you'd be happy with your purchase? Buyers guilt is something that I have dealt with in the past and I've learned to be patient and look for what I really longed for in order to be a happy collector. After all, it's YOU that's looking at your collection everyday....not everyone else.