Friday, August 1, 2014

New Game with Roll2Play

It's no secret that I am a video game addict and enjoy my retro consoles as much as my modern xBox 360/ xBox One. I've spent many hours playing the same games over and over. As fun as that is, sometimes it's nice to take a break from sitting in front of the TV.

Thankfully the good folks at Roll2Play offer just that. Roll2Play specializes in table top games. Table Top Gaming has been my new obsession. I'm a novice but I enjoy learning new games and playing hem with friends. I started simple with the deck building games and moved on to Munchkin and a ver y quick and small intro to D&D. What I like about TTG is that it allows me to get my competitive nature out without having to be plugged into the TV.
Since I am a beginner, I've teamed up with Roll2Play to learn new games and I'm super excited about this.

This week Tiffany, owner of Roll2Play and a friend of mine, showed up and taught me "Ghooost". I had so much fun learning and playing this, we decided to do a quick walk through to teach others. Ghooost is made by Richard Garfield and was super quick to learn and fantastic to play.  The art on the cards are absolutely adorable. I compare them to Tim Burton meets Nickelodeon with the cute yet creepy characters and funny names.  If you've never played this game, I highly suggest it.  So please check out our game play and if you're interested pay a visit to Roll2Play and pick up a copy.  -TD