Friday, August 8, 2014

Saved By The Bell Gets The Life Time Movie Treatment

I've been following the development of the unauthorized ( how does that event work?) Saved By The Bell movie for some time now, and today fans finally received a first look. Over twenty years later and the crew from Bayside at finally getting a tell-all in full Life Time Movie Network style.  I think it's perfect that Life Time is producing this . They've had great success with their adaptation of "Flowers in the Attic" and "Petals in the Wind" (both of why I have watched and own).
   Based on this Bell Biv DeVoe laced clip, I'm assuming that we're going to get a lot of drama and he said she said.  If it's taking a queue from SBTB star, Dustin Diamond's 2009  "Behind the Bell"  book, we'll get the "on screen everyone was chummy and had fun but off screen they were just a nah of bitter egotistical child stars". But with it being unauthorized, I'm expecting a lot of liberties too.  I think this could open the door for many more 90s shows tell-alls! Now bring on Swans Crossing, California Dreams, Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place!

The Unauthorized Save By The Bell Story premieres September 1st at 9pm on Lifetime.

Will you be watching this? What other shows would you like to see scandalized?

check out the first look here