Friday, September 5, 2014

Fangirl Friday with Paladin Bonnie!

Another Friday means another chance to spotlight an incredible lady I admire! Today I have the absolute pleasure of getting to know the fantastically talented Bonnie Gordon. Some of you might recognize her as big-hearted warm and friendly Paladin Bonnie of ABC's The Quest

DOTRT: I love using the word "fangirl" to represent how obsessive and  passionate I am about topics, whatever the subject is. What do you think about the term "being a fangirl"?
BG: Being a Fangirl means just that - being true to yourself and taking pride in your passions and geekdom ways! People say that the 'nerd world' is male dominated but I disagree! Ladies are just as passionate in the fandom universe, if not more so, than our male counterparts.

DOTRT: What are some of your favorite things to fangirl over and how did you come to be so passionate about them?

BG: Fantasy and sci-fi!!! Growing up, I read every fantasy novel I could get my hands on! The Hobbit was what really started it all. I would run around my room going on adventures as Bonnie Baggins, with a butter knife in my belt loop as my Sting! I would keep a bag of clothes packed by my bed, in case Peter Pan decided to make a visit and take me to Neverland. As I got older, I discovered the sci-fi genre and jumped right into Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc. I would never call myself an expert on any one thing - but I can say my nerd interests are vast!

DOTRT: You're a musical theater major;what was your first musical, what has been your favorite character to portray, and your least favorite?
BG:The first musical I ever saw was Phantom of the Opera when I was 10.  I was hooked! My very first musical role I ever played was "Annie" at the age of 12. Growing up, I was always the awkward, hyperactive outcast - but theater gave me a way to channel my energy and to "pretend" I was someone else. My favorite musical role I ever did was for a new Richard Sherman musical a few years ago entitled, "Pazzazz!" I was the villainess secretary, Ms. Finchball. Not only was it a blast playing such a fun, original character, I also got the chance to work with a Disney legend! (Richard Sherman)

DOTRT: You do voice over work, how did you come into that?
GB: I do a 1920's radio show called, "Tales Of The Extraordinary" and most of the cast are voice over actors to some extent. They were the ones that suggested I attempt voice overs. I bought a mic, learned how to do some basic editing, and started recording small jobs from home. It just grew from there.
DOTRT: How has being on ABC's The Quest changed your life? How much training did you get going into the show with riding hours and with swords?

BG: Being on The Quest has been such an incredible experience - not only because a dream of mine came true (I got to fully live in a fantasy world!!!) but because I got to experience something with such an amazing group of people. My fellow paladins, the cast, and the genius producers - these are people I will keep in touch with for LIFE! :) The love and support from fans of the show has been incredible, as well. I feel so lucky that The Quest has given me an opportunity to try and pursue my dreams in other areas. The request for more music has been huge! I've now started lots of new projects to get new music and content out there for everyone! :)

DOTRT: If you had to choose between being apart of JRR Martin's world or Tolkien's world, which one and why?
BG: As much as I love both worlds, I have a feeling that I would prefer to live in Tolkien's world. Too many red weddings to keep track of in Martin's world. I think I would be happy in the Shire, eating Second Breakfast! :) BONNIE BAGGINS! :)

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