Thursday, September 18, 2014

TnT Gaming Review of AttrACTION!

Hooray! It's another week, and time to learn a new game!!  But FIRST, i wanted to announce we finally have a name for this segment, TnT Gaming!

Twice a month Tiffany and Taffeta will learn new games, demo and then review them.

Tiffany Fanzoni of the table top gaming store, ROLL2PLAY and Taffeta Darling, hostess and producer of the web videos Fangirls:Dames of the Round Table will bring you some of the most unique games you can play with all ages, and then also give you tips on how to turn them into an all night adult party.. (answer: add chips, salsa and beer)

This episode's game: AttrAction by R&R GAMES. Players flick their "shooter" magnets into
the playing field to attract other magnets. Sounds easy, but magnets can attract ... OR repel! Whoever collects the most magnets wins. AttrAction™ is a fun and challenging game, where a mix of skill and luck, plus the strong force of the magnets results in exciting and unexpected twists. Comes with a drawstring bag, making it easily portable.

So what I really enjoyed about this game was how interactive it is. Players have to get up and walk around. The different approach to the strategy of this game is similar to that of pool, except you can get repelled by opposing magnetics.  What's also fun is that when playing with younger kids you can add an element of science to the game by explaining how magnets work and using that info as a point of strategy.
It's easily playable for 2-5 people and you can add as many sets together to make one giant game. 4/5 - TD