Friday, October 10, 2014

Cult Classic Scares! Old School vs New School Zombie Movies!

Tonight we have two of our favorite zombie tales. It's another old schools vs new school.

First up from Taffeta Darling is the 1985 cult classic "#TheReturnOfTheLivingDead" . 
It's probably the campiest of the campiest when it comes to zombie films. Military medical supply warehouse ran by bunch of idiots who somehow open toxic gas- then it rains, and then the decaying bodies in a graveyard just a few feet away start to rise. Meanwhile the fucking punk rockers are bored, horny, and look for entertainment. This all mixes to form the pure essence of the 80s B movie horror film. I love all the ridiculous talking zombies, the radical set and costume design and a bitchen soundtrack. 

this is one of the first horror movies I can remember sneaking to watch on the premium cable channel when my mom was gone. (way before the child block) Interesting points about this movie- first time I saw full frontal nudity, (thanks to the amazing #LinneaQuigley) heard #TheDamned and #TheCramps annnd got my first impression of punk rockers. "This isn't a costume it's a way of life"
Another side note I think it's also one of the first times we hear a zombie speak "BRAINS!!!" in a movie. I could totally be wrong though. if you've never seen it, click here to watch the full length via YouTube. 

Halo Sama goes with one of the best modern zombie movies that equal parts funny as it is scary. 
"Shaun of the Dead"