Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gore and Gruesome Picks for Tonight!

For tonight's Halloween Movie Suggestions we have some incredibly gruesome picks-

The Hell Kitty's scariest movie she's ever seen, to this day, is "Se7en". It's the beauty of the way it's shot, all dark and grey, and the fact it could really happen. And even though you KNOW what's in the box, you don't really SEE what's in the box. And you feel Oogie when you're done watching it.

Lady Vader  is going with "Saw".
     Atonement is a tricky thing, and Tobin Bell has the perfect voice for ajudgemental god complexed killer, going by the name Jigsaw. There's gore galore, and the movie has SIX sequels if you're into a weblike plot!

Taffeta Darling loves the chills and thrills of "Pet Semetary".
If you could bring back a horrible, possessed and sour loved one that had passed away, would you?

Halo Sama goes with laughs, gore and homages to classic B movie fun with "Cabin in the Woods."