Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Horror Movies to Fuck With Your Mind.

Day two of our month long horror movie suggestion, we've picked an eclectic mix of mind fuckery!

From The Hell Kitty: It's funny, the movie that scared me the most recently was "Sunshine." It's a good movie, but as a kid, when I was five, I had a irrational fear (and I still do) of the sun burning out while I was still alive. It was brutal and hard to watch, and yet, really horribly scary.

Lady Vader gives us "The Shining".
 Another classic starring Jack Nicholson as the dull boy who is all work and no play. He just wants to write, but that pesky wife and special child of his are always getting in the way. Based on a real life place full of hauntings, this flick will bring the chills. 

Taffeta 's pick is: Lord of Illusions.
Magic,Illusions, The Occult, A Cult, Famke Jensen, Scott Bakula and Mr. Kluger from Seindfeld as a black arts magician worshiped by hair cutting groupies.