Friday, October 3, 2014

Pet Dinosaurs: A Fangirl's Dream

Dinosaurs are, like, the coolest thing ever.

For most kids, dinosaurs are the first "nerdy" or scientific thing we become obsessed with. We learn all the different families and species, time periods, that pteranodons and crocodiles aren't actaully dinosaurs (They're prehistoric reptiles. Dinosaurs walk upright on four or two legs.), and all about fossils and Pangea. We tell our parents how The Flintstones is totally made up because dinosaurs and humans never shared the earth, and then cry ourselves to sleep because The Flintstones could never be real, no matter how much we wished. ...wait. No one else cried? Moving on!

The great thing about our love of dinosaurs is that no one really ever outgrows it. Jurassic Park? Made millions. Universal Studios even built a Jurassic Park ride. Grown men give Jeep Wranglers tricked out paint jobs to look like Jurassic Park Jeeps! We hunt for their fossils. We build museums dedicated to them. We watch countless hours of TV shows about dinosaurs. We drive hours to see their foot prints in rocks and river beds. We buys dinosaur toys, stuffed animals, books, and movies for our kids/nieces/nephews. WE. LOVE. DINOSAURS.

I got into a heated discussion the other day about dinosaurs  and which would make the best pet. My vote? The Pachycephalosaurs

  1. Super cool looking
  2. Would (probably) not kill and/or eat me (most likely an herbivore or omnivore based on fossils)
  3. Small enough to be easily housed in a barn
  4. Possibly large and strong enough TO BE RIDDEN LIKE A PONY!!!!!
  1. Most likely had scaly skin, so not super cuddly :(
  2. Too large to keep as house pet 
  3. Presently extinct :'(

What dinosaur would you want to keep as a pet? Share your answer in the comments!