Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Night Scare!

when I worked for half priced books nearly a decade ago, I would come across the most random shit. such is the case for tonight's 31 Night of Halloween movie suggestion:the 1974 movie "Blood for Dracula" aka Andy Warhol's Dracula. (not to be confused with Warhol's frankenstein) 

Udo Kier plays a wheelchair-bound Count who desperately needs the blood of a virgin to cure him of his sickly ways. Since everyone is Romania knows the "Dracula family" name pretty well, the count decides to head over to Italy. There he meets four eligible sisters who aren't at all what their daddy promises them to be. This movie doesn't skimp on blood or also has a bit more of the sex to violence than I would usually watch. I mean I can't think of another movie where someone gets raped to be saved. And I'm positive it's the only film where we see Dracula lapping hymen blood off the floor (I'll admit I've wondered if vampires see periods as a buffet) These scenes are over the top as is ALL OF THE MOVIE.  But the ending definitely takes top marks for one of the most brutal slayings in horror-dom. -TD

Halo Sama's Sunday Night pick is the classic and original vamp, "Nosferatu".