Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's our favorite time of the year again! It's October 1st, which means the weather is finally getting below 90 degrees, (in Texas we are happy when it hits 89!) our Halloween decor comes out, and we spend the month recommending some of our favorite horror and scary movies. These movies wont necessarily be bloody guts, puss and dead, but movies that are truly haunting to us.

First up from Lady Vader: House on Haunted Hill 1959
Vincent Price stars as a wealthy man who invites five people to a party, with the stipulation that they get a sum of a money for staying a live through the night. It's one of the best spooky flicks, and any lover of Vincent Price will enjoy the crap out of this movie.

Hillary recommends: "When a Stranger Calls" It's a movie I saw when I was ten, and home alone and i still get terrified..well only the first 30 minutes. That is what still holds terror for me, being a child and thinking about seeing it then.

Taffeta's first movie for October: In the Mouth of Madness
No countdown is complete in my books without John Carpenter, especially his own references on the Cthulhu mythos and Lovecraftian ways.  A psychiatrist who investigates and then starts to believe in the insanity that has taken over fanatics of a horror writer Sutter Cane and by doing so free an ancient race of monstrous beings that will reclaim the Earth.   (side note, a young Hayden Christensen plays the young, out of place paper boy... go figure)