Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday's Terror Wolf!

It's no surprise that most of my Halloween suggestions for the 31 Nights of Halloween would be heavily sprinkled with George Ramiro, Guillermo del Toro,  Cliver Barker, John Carpenter and of course Stephen King.
Tonight's terrifying tale  chosen by Taffeta Darling comes from the 1985 movie, SILVER BULLET based off King's novella "Cylce of the Werewolf". Starring a young Corey Haim cruising around in a suped up wheelchair named "Silver Bullet", the plot is essentially a brother and sister team uncover a werewolf amongst their small town and enlist the help of their drunk uncle (of course played by Gary Busey.. OF COURSE) to help them fight the moonlit battle. -TD

Halo Sama picks another kind of wereMonster with "BLACK SHEEP". Animal testing and vegetarianism gone wrong with the right kind of help from Peter Jackson's WETA Workshop.