Friday, November 21, 2014

Fandom Friday with Ilan Mitchell-Smith

behind every memorable movie, and every movie role, is the actor that leaves the last impression. If anyone reading this is like me, maybe you'll be watching your favorite cult film and wonder, "what is that person is doing now?" Also if you're like me you'll do a little research to find out.
Welp..not only did I get to find out but I was able to ask the man himself, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, just what the heck he's been up to. Yes that's right. Ilan Mitchell Smith, that adorable 80s catch who played one of the most epic underdogs under the direction of John Hughes in WEIRD SCIENCE. We all know that Wyatt Donnelly got the girl, kicked some ass and lived happily ever after. But what about Ilan Mitchell-Smith?

I was able to find out during an hour of geeking out with Ilan via video conference over various topics including: (his passion) table top gaming, his teaching profession, comics, movies, cosplay and more. 

Thanks so much to Ilan for taking time to get nerdy with me.