Sunday, December 7, 2014

25 Nights of Christmas: And all Through the House

I'm a few days behind on my #25NightsOfChristmas movies. I haven't been home to watch many the past few nights but I'll add some extra picks during the rest of the month.


Tonight Im watching a terrifying tale from crypt based on the comic originally published in the EC collection TheVaultOfHorror issue 35 from 1954. The 8 page story, "And All Through The House" was adapted in 1972 in the Tales from the Crypt movie, and then later again in 1989 for the television series. Both renditions follow the comic panels almost identically minus a few name changes and death of the one of the characters.  The TV series has more blood while the movie variation had more dramatic paranoia. 

In short, it's the story of a deceiving murderous wife who is left to hide the body of her late husband while her daughter is sleeping upstairs on Christmas Eve. As all this is going on, a report comes in that a psychotic patient has escaped from the mental asylum dressed as Santa. 

watch both versions below and let me know which you like more.

1979 Tales from the Crypt the  movie:

1989 Tales from the Crypt HBO series


1979 movie Tales from the Crypt