Monday, December 1, 2014

'Twas the Geek Before Christmas giveaway!

alright folks, it's December first and if you're like me, you enjoy searching for unique and one of kind gifts for that big nerd/dork/geek/fangirl/fanboy in your life. Well we're here to help you out, as you in turn help us out. 

There's a lot of changes going on with The Fangirls of Dallas webshow as we prepare to kick much ass in 2015.  One of the main things is that we now stream live every Sunday via youtube at

 Here's the part where you come in and we reward/bribe somebody with a butt load of amazing gifts. We are trying to reach 500 subscribers by December 18th. Once we hit 500 legit subscribers we'll pick one person at random to win a bounty that should bring glee and shit eating grins to that special geeky someone or someones in your life. 

Check out the list and the pictures for all the fun stuff.

Book- "The Empire Striketh Back
Chain Wallet- Batman
Body Beats Batman Belt Buckle (wearable speaker that connects to mobile phones,iPads iPods etc)
Star Wars Dog Tags
Star Trek- Hand Sewn Flannel Pillow 
Necklace- Super Mario Brothers (one of a kind double sided)
iPhone 5 case- Assassin's Creed
Mini Hoover Board prop from Back to the Future
Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister prints by Michael Champion.

thanks for the swag: Think Geek,Body Beats, Ubisoft,Michael Champion and David Martineau