Friday, December 12, 2014

TnT Gaming Plays TIMELINE

This week on TnT Gaming: Tiffany Franzoni of Roll 2 Play teaches Taffeta Darling the game "Timeline" by Asmodee.  The basis of this game is to build a timeline with the cards of "inventions" dealt between the players. One card at random is picked to be placed in the middle of the table with the date-side up. This card will be used as the starting point from which gamers will decide if the cards they have in their hands were invented before or after that year. The more cards which are correctly played, the harder it is to correctly place new ones! First person to ditch all of their cards, wins!
 These tin games m ale great STOCKING STUFFERS and gifts for birthdays. Also try mixing the games up for an even more outrageous time. 

Game play is about 15-30 minutes.
2-8 players
Ages 8 and up.