Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Comic picks for January 14th

Wow! what a great week for comics! The return of RATQUEENS and STAR WARS finds it home back at Marvel. This is a heavy Marvel week for me, which doesn't happen often, but will make for great late night reading. Batgirl returns with another adorably drawn issue, but the story gets a little deep as we find Batgirl all over social media. Will her identity be safe? Sherlock vs Holmes continues on with their incredibly flattering cat and mouse game. Who will catch the murderous villain lurkers go around Harry Houdini's shows? Capt America takes on the Red Skull progeny in the latest issue! Gail Simone joins Red Sonja and Conan in a new title. SO DONT MISS OUT!
thanks to Keith's Comics for always making sure I have stuff to read, and then some. - TD