Monday, January 19, 2015

Coming Soon, NERD NATION

After their success with the documentary, Unconventional, the crew of Imagineer Entertainment are out to explore and conquer the nations of nerds. As part of their new programing on POP TV, The Taffeta Darling will be hosting their new program titled, NERD NATION.

POPTV! will be the definitive place for all things POP Culture. With a heavy emphasis on the world of Comics and Conventions we will offer audiences full access to the best Artists and Writers in the world of Comics. First up is “Indie Artist” a weekly documentary program that pulls the curtain back and talks with the best indie artists out there hosted by indie artist Taylor Lymbery. Then we’ll follow that up each week with an episode of “Nerd Nation” as The Taffeta Darling brings you the latest news on Comics, Conventions, Cosplay and all things Nerd.

I am incredibly excited to be apart of this new venture of the Imagineer studio group. We've been talking about this for nearly six months and it's finally about to happen! Our first business meeting is this week, and we begin shooting middle of February. The FANGIRLS webcast will continue to be a live webcast consisting of the nerdiest ladies I know. NERD NATION, will be completely separate in the format, studio, and of course budget. hahaha. I had such a neat experience helping them film the documentary Unconventional, that I couldn't resist their proposal of hosting their new show. It'll be awesome to work in a full TV studio working with professionals who graduated from UNT and share the same passion I have for pop culture. -Taffeta Darling