Monday, January 26, 2015

High Octane 70s Exploitation in THE HUMANS.

Bakersfield, California, 1970: The Humans (who happen to be apes) are the baddest biker gang of all. They deal out beatings, cook drugs, party endlessly, and struggle to keep their turf and status amongst the numerous outlaws, rival gangs, and bonafide killers — all of whom are trying to take their spot at the top of the heap. And then a member of the gang long thought dead returns… haunted by memories of hell on earth. Johnny is back in the fold in THE HUMANS, VOLUME 1 from Image Comics in March — but is his head where it needs to be to ride with The Humans again?

I read this series and quickly fell for it's 1970s explotation fuled genre served up as a biker-gang of unruly apes. The Humans zoom through this story filled with leather. demon, sex, chains, blood, bananas and chrome. -TD

THE HUMANS, VOLUME 1 will be in comic book stores on March 11 and in bookstores on March 25. It is specially priced at just $9.99.