Monday, January 5, 2015

Music for Monday!

here's the deal:
 it's Monday, it's after a long holiday break, and for nearly two weeks I haven't had any commitments or work due. I'm having a hard time gettin motivated to clean this empty house after it's been fully inhabited. I'm taking down the "Welcome to Christmas" motif that's been going on for over a month. Its going to take a few hours so to jump start my morning and get back in routine of things so I'm in need of a strong cup of chai tea and loud tunes.

Watch the videos below to check out what I'm jamming today:

Party Crasher by A Wilhelm Scream
(2013 No Idea records)
These guys rule them all when it comes to the one ring of sick melodic guitar and harmonic melodies sung with angst and realism. I was introduced to their music years ago and have been a fan ever since. Whenever I need motivation or just want to pump my fist in the air, I turn their album up to 11.
AWS is in town this Friday, January 9th, supporting Pennywise at  Gas Monkey Bar n Grill. I'm super excited to have a few beers, watch them do their thing and hopefully chat with these guys.


Also I'm jamming to the tunes of Masked Intruder.

M.I. by Masked Intruder
(2012 Fat WreckChords)
Uber poppy punk tunes covered in nerd centric themes and sugary lyrics an robbing stores and knifing people. I love this band. This video sums them up perfectly and if you haven't seen them, or heard their music you're missing out. Masked Intruder will be in Dallas January 24th at the Gas Monkey Bar n Grill supporting the Bouncing Souls. 

check out the official band websites and purchase their tunes if you dig 'em. 

- taffeta darling