Monday, January 19, 2015

Music For Monday

"Give me something to hold true, give me something to sing about, give me a reason to care, and I'll sing along forever."

In under six minutes today's songs sum up MY exact feelings for endless poems set to fanatically charged instruments.
Music has remained the one constant in my life, it's also pretty much my religion. To quote the magically mad CSS, "Music is my Boyfriend".  Time and again when things were tough, music pulled me through. When I drove 14-18 hours straight, music kept me awake, kept me going. Whenever I'm happy or sad, pissed, unmotivated, filled with self doubt, or just frustrated with the world; there's always a song I can turn to and intensify or pacify the feelings.
 There hasn't been a bigger impact on my life from any other genre. I found the love of my life through music. My strong friendships maintain 20+ years because of our bond with music. I 've had extraordinary nights and adventures because of music. Whenever I need to face the world, there is nothing better than a good tune to keep me company.

"touch my heart, i'll sing along forever"

The Bouncing Souls have a new album out and are touring with a stop this Friday, January 24th at GAS MONKEY LIVE with Masked Intruder.
Sing Along Forever by The Bouncing Souls

Music is My Hot Hot Sex by CSS