Friday, January 23, 2015

Top Comic Picks 1/21

lAhoy-hoy interwebs!  Here are my reads (and some extra stuff) from this week's trip to Keith's Comics! Check out my top picks of the weeks in the video below.

If you follow my instagram (hint hint) you already know what a fool i am for kawaii plastic cuties from the Funko family. I collect POPS! Vinyl toys, but I am very selective. When i mentioned this to the staff at Keith's they took note, LIKE SERIOUSLY.
So this week i return and waiting on me are the villainous (yet adorable) duo from the classic Disney movie, Robin Hood, Sir Hiss and Prince John. Both i have been wanting to add to my collection for a few months now, as well as the other firure, Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. I'm sort of weird in my collecting of POPS. I'll either get the full set, or just villains. Aside The Rocketeer, I really have very few heroes. (but that's all anyone needs) Point being, I'm obsessed with this short big eyed cuties and I look forward to a new one once a month.

Also just because i'm obsessed, i picked up this face hugger alien coin bank. Funny how I spent money to find something to save
money in. SAD. It's about 11 inches tall and the detail is decent for a plastic bank. Filled with money or not, it makes a great addition to my collection of Alien and overall scifi collection.

Here are my top comic picks of the week and a full list of what i'm reading in the image below. MLnR!- TD  (check out that thumb nail, YIKES! hahaha)

All New Captain America #3
The Kitchen #3
The Wicked and The Divine #7
Thanks vs Hulk #2
Lumberjanes #10
Batman and Robin 38
Galaxy Quest #1
Millennium #1
Rat Queens