Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yes It's True, This Movie Has No Dick.

"Ghostbusters, whaddaya want?"

If you've ever watched the  FANGIRLS webcast, if you've been a friend of mine, or even just a social media pen pal; you know how much I love Ghostbusters.  I'm an 80s baby that thrives on cult classic nostalgic pop culture. For years fans of the busting franchise have been waiting for a Ghosbuters 3 movie, and eventually fans received the rumored reunion in the 2011 Ghostbusters video game. (which was all things needed, even Peck!)
Even after the successful game release, it's still apparent die hards want more of Ray, Winston, Peter, and Egon in the flesh. More rumors circulated that an actual GB3 would happen. Dan talked about a new generation coming in with possibly a few girls, (which was exciting news!!!) but the original cast would still play a part and maintain the legacy. Ernie and Bill both answered with opened ended responses thus leaving the door and topic open, but contracts unsigned.
 Fast forward and then stop to maybe six-seven months ago and these hints via popular cinephile websites started teasing (disgusting) fans with news of a complete reboot with no ties to the original movie.  "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK!? " was my first reaction, but I tried to remain open minded (had some trouble) about the possible homage.  And then studios announced the new Ghostbusters movie would be an all female cast as in some sort of way this would please and appease the empowerment movement of comedic women..
.....This was a little frustrating (even as a woman) because I don't think of the Ghostbusters movie as an "all male cast"'s a goddamn classic with a few comedy gods of the 80s.  And this week they've announced the cast: three SNL alums and the tag along friend that works well in female ensembles. pffffft. 
As a HUGE movie fan, an even bigger Ghostbusters fan, and as someone who gets real tired real quick of actors with schtick, the announcement of this cast crushed me. I can't say that i understand this casting or approve it, but really no one cares what I think, I'm not paying their bills. 

But as I do, I have a lot of opinions and concerns regarding the new employees at Ghostbusters headquarters that maybe others do too, and just wanted to put 'em out there. 
I've seen both responses both for and against the reboot. Many women have shared their excitement for this, and then there are some like my closest friends and me who dread this reboot. A lot of guys have expressed interest for this announcement and then some have hated it too. Yet to call the fans not wanting an all female Ghostbusters "sexist" is dumb. For me it doesn't have anything to do with what's between a person's legs when they star in a movie, it's about their talent. It's about their ability to portray a character and give realism to whatever adventurous, comedic, horrifying, or ridiculous story that is being told. 

For me, my concerns are :
Can I be sure that the Ghosbusters name and spirit will to be honored? Life long fans of the guys would like something we can appreciate rather than it turning into another shameful reboot and sad resurrection like many before it. There's a harmonious and chaotic chemistry that Danny,Harold,Ernie,and Bill exploded with, that no other troop will be able to replicate. - The thing is, the GB films had so much heart because of the people involved. You can pair the lady with the sour face and the woman who shat in a sink from Bridesmaids, have them wear tan jumpers and give them a proton pack, but that doesn't make them Ghostbusters. They're all respectable ladies, and I can see why some are thrilled! The four of them have cracked a few jokes here and there but to this diehard fan, they will never duplicate or be the Ghostbusters. I don't like the idea of Chris Pratt being a Ghostbuster either.  I'm anti the reboot, and regretfully the cast just doesn't make it better. I'm against Hollywood sucking the life out of legacies.
The "Ghostbusters" name is being sold to the public. To sell movie tickets, to sell merch, to do press tours etc etc. It's easier to sell familiarity than to sell original idea..that's where the true talent in acting, directing and writing is. 
Also maybe I've missed something, but I'm so confused as to the "how and whys" of Danny Akroyd keeping too quiet about this.  The idea of the movie Ghostbusters came from Dan Akroyd 's family life. The ghost stories his dad heard growing up from his grandad. Check out "A History of Ghosts: The True Story of S√©ances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters" with foreword by Dan, about his family's experiences with the paranormal. 

With so many reboots and remakes and relaunches and regurgitation coming from movie studios, I just can't help but think this is just another way to line the pockets of people who don't need any more lining. Look, I'm all for sequels and prequels and continuations, but I'm also for continuity, and keeping true to what made me fall for a movie to begin with. Unfortunately what's being served up isn't my taste, and that's cool. The only benefit I see in this is the possibility of Ecto Cooler returning.

You folks who are excited about this, I'm glad you're excited. Goodie for YOU!
For me though, when this movie does release in 2016, im going to have a real Ghostbusters marathon and enjoy my bitter lemonade with some wine.- TD