Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Calling All Geek Girls in the DFW Area!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Do you enjoy pop culture? Do you enjoy mimosas (hell yes!)? Are you looking for others in the DFW area to share both of these things with? Then the DALLAS GEEK GIRL BRUNCH is for you! 
I have been waiting for a chapter to come to the DFW area, and it finally has. I am so excited to be apart of the DGGB, helping women come together who enjoy meeting up for brunch while talking about the latest in pop culture. I am a BRUNCH QUEEN and spent many years brunching with friends before conventions, events and the webcasts I host, that it seemed like a natural fit. But we're lonely, and looking for more women to share the same! If this seems like your cup of tea, check out the details below with head officer Danita,on how you can sign up at Dallas Fan Days to join the Dallas Chapter of GEEK GIRLS BRUNCH.

Fangirls:For those who might not know, what is geek girl brunch?
Danita: Geek Girl Brunch is a fun thematic monthly Meetup where girls with similar geeky interests brunch together to talk, laugh and geek it out! It doesn't have to stop at brunches and there will be field trips, activities, or fun events after brunch that go with the theme.

FG:As the person running the DFW DGGB, tell us about yourself and position with DGGB?
Danita: My name is Danita Rambo and I am the head officer for the Dallas chapter. All aboard! I am a nerd who loves Doctor Who, absurd writers, and head bopping to music at stop lights. My goal is to make every girl feel welcomed into DGGB and connect with cool chicks they can share their geek loves to.

FG: You'll be at Dallas Fan Days with a sign up sheet for any girls interested, yes? 
DR: Correct. We will be set up at Fandays at booth 70! Next to the exit on the side of concessions. I will be repping under The Valkyries Call, my personal site. You can find us by looking for my white and bright banner. I will be there all day, every day, Saturday and Sunday with GGB cards with info to give out and an easy sign up form. If you can't find me just tweet me @lithelilyd and believe me, I will come find you!

FG: When will the full charter go live?
DR: The Dallas chapter will go live in June 2015! If you Like our Facebook page and sign up for GGBbefore then you may get an invite to one of our 2 pre-launch mini brunches where will express our geek interests and get to know each other a bit, theme-less style.

FG: Is there a limit to members or limit on the amount of brunches ladies can attend?
DR: We have no limits! Besides your imagination that is and I am assuming if you are reading this IT'S BIG. Brunches, since they are themed, will be RSVP. If you don't like the theme or aren't into that particular geek thread no worries about saying yes. You don't have to attend everything to get an invite, but any lady is always welcome. 

FG: what makes GGB brunches the best?
DR: The effort and heart to round up girls interested in a love of something funky and celebrating it, one brunch at a time. Besides the theme there may be a related event, cool swag, and more to go along with brunch. It's mimosas but the only twist isn't the lemon.

Be sure to follow the Geek Girl Brunch Dallas facebook page for the latest updates.  If you can't make it out to fan days, email the chapter officer at

Looking forward to all the ladies signing up this weekend and to eventually enjoying good conversation and mimosas with the lot of you. -Taffeta Darling