Saturday, February 28, 2015

Doug Funnie's Home Coming

ahoy-hoy interwebs! It's another episode of the FANGIRLS webcast. This time I welcome nerdcore rapper and musician Doug Funnie back from his recent tour. Doug is touring on and promoting his latest album "Homecoming".

Teaming up with Doug on his "Homecoming" album are nerdcore greats like Richie Branson of Adult Swim, Professor Shyguy, and the godfather of nerdcore, MC Frontalot. If you're unfamiliar with the nerdcore movement, "Homecoming" gives listeners a very good representation of the genre. However, the scene could use a visual representation which is just what Doug Funnie's Indie GoGo campaign hopes to do. 

Andrew and Taffeta react to the Joker's induction into the Gotham television series and talk about other shows they're watching. The show ends with a Tiny Toons theme song sing a long. enjoy!

For more information on Doug Funnie visit his facebook page, hear the full Homecoming album and pledge support for a DFW nerdcore music video by visiting the links provided: