Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Music for Monday (delayed). NoMeansNo

I missed yesterday's Music for Monday post. WHOMP WHOMP. It was a holiday and I took full advantage of laying in bed all day with the animals.

This week's suggested tunes come from NoMeansNo. I first heard these Canadian legends of the underground post hardcore punk scene while sitting on a friend's carpet going through her milk crate of vinyl. I was a junior year in high school, nearly done with the year and I had a handful of friends with whom I had bonded through music. (and whom I continue to enjoy and share music with).

To know and like NoMeansNo is to really understand their music, lyrics and where theyre coming from. Since 1979 their albums have remained a fuck you to mainstream yet the devotion of their counter-cultured fans remain true. I followed these guys through Oklahoma and Texas nearly seven years ago on their last tour through the US. It was a drive from Oklahoma City to Austin,TX then back home to Fort Worth. I spent the days driving to have nights standing in a pit of sweaty, music angry fans.  It was fucking rad, we sang along with every word. I love when that happens. I was giddy the whole weekend and made sure to stock up on patches, set lists and thrown, broken drum sticks. Also I waited at the end of every show for a picture.
    Side note* the second night they remembered us and asked what was up and then had a drink with us. The third night we saw them, Drummer John Wright, hooked us up with random posters including one of their side project band that wasn't for sale during the tour.

Needless to say that I had experienced a raw weekend of music movement that I have yet to receive from another band to this date. Not everyone has my taste in music, (so few are blessed to) but I know there are a few of you out there that will. And to that, you're welcome.

Like most touring bands that actually write their own music and lyrics, NoMeansNo usually shares an anecdote about the song they're about to sing. Their song "Hello, Goodbye" has remained a top choice for me. From their 9th album "ONE" the song chants "you will not follow me" and I had been curious about the meaning behind it. On one of the tour's night's Rob (bass player) said how he wrote this song for all those bullshit people you deal with daily. How people meet, do a fake little dance and say "Hello" and then can't wait to fuck off and say "Good bye".  Another night he mentioned how ridiculous humans were. How everyone wanted to be around and be seen when the good was going, but when the bullshit was tough that's when people disappear.

 To me the song is essentially saying "Hello, Goodbye, Fuck off, Don't follow me, Don't contact me".   HELLO. GOODBYE. 

To be in their omnipotent presence is divine sensation like no other. Since  most of you will miss out, watch the below video from their live album "Live and Cuddly"  the two other songs round out my top three NoMeansNo songs.

Two Lips, Two Lungs, and One Tongue and piggy backed with Rags and Bones

 Recently on their facebook there's a post that reads : "NOMEANSNO HAS SPLIT".
 I really hope that's not true. - taffeta