Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday The 14th:What Today is Really About

Ahhhhhh Valentine's Day! Where the whole of humanity celebrates the remembrance of a third century Roman saint at the suggestion of 18th century antiquarians to over shadow the original pagan holiday Lupercalia. Right?

Real talk though, I know some of you are spending today wooing your significant other with cards, candy, stuffed bears, hand cuffs, whips, masks, and battery acid (that escalated quickly).
I'm in no way discouraging anyone from sharing a box of Wal-Greens gourmet chocolates with another or even yourself, but while doing so let me encourage one of the most ridiculous movies of 1981 for today's festivities. CULT CLASSIC FANS, I'M ESPECIALLY TALKING TO YOU! There's so much more going on today than Valentine's Day, it's also Saturday the 14th.

 "Saturday the 14th" was one of the first movies to parody the horror and slasher films of the 70s. Yes that's right, before the Wayans brothers' "Scary Movie" franchise, there was real life husband and wife team Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin. Both star in this movie along side a dead and loving it creeper, Jeffery Tambor. If you've never seen this movie you're missing out on the tale of a family who moves into a new home and finds an old omnibus book. Then they find out their house is cursed and release a bunch of monsters. How will they save themselves and the neighborhood?
If you have seen this movie, then you know how truly terrible and cheesy it is. Terrible and cheesy like a fox!

See if for the first time or revisit it below, FULL MOVIE! And for those that don't watch the movie, enjoy your pagan, not pagan,candy and sex filled holiday!  Happy VD- Taffeta Darling