Sunday, February 1, 2015

Self Love, A Month of NSFW Reviews.

For a few years now during the month of February I've hosted a month long segment titled "Self Love w/Taffeta Darling. During this time, I watch/ read and review erotic geek porn parodies as well as exotic off the wall books, graphic novels, comics. 
Along with the other hoopla posted here on the Fangirls blog, each week we will share two reviews and/or suggestions in either video or written posts on various types of media of the aforementioned genre. Consider this a "heads up". 
This is the only time of the month when our posts go from PG-13 to XXX. These posts will be marked NSFW. Interestingly enough I've been doing these segments long enough to have gathered a unique collection of geek porn parodies, but if there if there is a parody out there I might have missed,feel free to share. (and on the reals, please keep it as respectful as one can when suggestions porn parodies.)

***Kicking off the start of this event, this week Taffeta Darling will team up with Fenny Lin of Little Asian Sweatshop to review some erotic fan fiction novels about ghost unicorn sex. YEP. 
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It's February, be your own Cupid and love yourself. MLnR- Taffeta Darling

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