Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday Show Info! Fangirls with Tiff Toxic!

Sunday March 22nd, the FANGIRLS webcast is back at Epic Gaming Lounge, and is time we're bringing more friends. Our first guest is an incredible talent and a definite "one to watch" cosplayer in the DFW area.  Tiff Toxic joins us Sunday for an inside look at her role of arts, crafting and cosplaying. She's a game store manager by day and "Jill of all Trades" (twitch live steam gamer, artist, sculpter, cosplayer) by night. Recently she joined the officer ranks of the newest Geek Girl Brunch chapter in Dallas. 

Check out some of her art and cosplays below.
Follow her on Instagram @TiffToxic

    Aku Aku mask from Crash Banicoot.

    Protoman Pottery Art 

   Scorpion Mortal Kombat Pottery Art

   Trap Art!

    Sailor Moon Flash Art 

   Athena from Boarderlands and Battle Bowser.