Monday, March 23, 2015

Music For Monday: Rocket From The Crypt

I'm working and editing videos today so I've dusted off a few vinyl  jackets and this is what I'm listening to today.  ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT
It's been nearly a decade since I have bore witness to their testimony of tunes, but I am hoping to catch them in Houston during the Free Press Summer Festival or more likely in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest.
If you've never had the humbling experience to kneel before John Reis as he casts his own musical version of pelvic sorcery, then allow me to introduce you to the Starlord of the San Diego music scene. 

I've picked some of my favorite songs and shared below. Be sure to visit their website to buy ALL THE MERCH.

side note- i thought about adding the various band side projects he's been involved in, but rather than go into great detail, check out Hot Snakes, The Sultans, The Night Marchers (my fave of his work), drive like jehu, and anything else off Swami Records

On A Rope


Carne Voodoo

Break It Up

Young Livers