Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Comic Picks 5/25

Ahoy-hoy Internets! 
I'm enjoying a quick break from conventions these next few weeks which gives me some time to catch up on weeks of comics. As always I went to my local comic shop, Keith's Comics and boy did I have a stack of goodies waiting for me. On top of the already amazing stash theyve been holding for me, I picked up a few choice ones from this week's new releases. Check out the video below of mine and Micheal's top reads for the week. For my full list and everything else I picked up, scan the photos below. Thanks as always to Keith, Michael and Jesus for all the fantastic work they do. - TD


Reads for this week

Wicked and Divine 9
Jem and the Holograms 1
Edward Scissorhands 5
The Flash (Hitchcock movie variant) 
Miami Vice a Remix
The Shadow (one shot) 

Plus a bunch of back reads! I'll be keeping myself busy this weekend.