Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sunday Show Info: Step Right Up To Theater of Magic

Really it's just a big room in my home, but it will be a theater this Sunday!! 

This Sunday, March 29th, is one for all the kids and kids at heart. Joining us is the great Lady Amaraldi! Born to a long line of magician enthusiasts, she is the only lady I know who is a stage magician and who I've met that is obsessed with straight jackets and Harry Houdini. We'll be talking about the Sherlock Vs Houdini comic amongst the topics of favorite tricks, illusions and more. 

Lady Amaraldi with her stage birds. 

 *Also joining us, we have back on the show the one and only Nelson Lugo, the great stage magician from NYC. Nelson has been working on his first one man touring show called "Gathering The Magic". Nelson will join the conversation via Skype and might even have a little extra up his sleeve. 


For Sunday's review: Natalie, Taffeta and Christina review the latest Tomm Moore animated movie "Song of the Sea". Also Geline breaks down the latest Flash episode "Rouge Time"!! It's a full on FANGIRL party! join us live only at www.youtube.com/theFangirlsOfDallas from 1-2pmCST.