Thursday, March 19, 2015

TnT Plays Castellan

In this session of TnT Gaming, sponsored by Roll2Play, Tiffany and Taffeta learn and play CASTELLAN from Steve Jackson Games. What I enjoyed differently about this game from other Steve Jackson games, is there's no real sabotage to be done against the other player. 
Sure , you can play your pieces to block other players from adding on to the castle, but there's no need for backstabbing or bluffing as if you might be playing Munchkin. (which I LOVE,btw).
With CASTELLAN you're given two decks to chose from which tell you how many and what pieces to draw.  The idea behind it is to create a castle and courtyards, which easily sold me. It's a fun strategy game that doesn't take too much out of you. It's a two player game, but add another box, and it becomes a four player game and trickier, add another and it's a six player game and so on.  
Check out our short 9 minute video of a play through. Overall the game took us about 30 mins to play. It was definitely a close, but one us of must lose.  Stick around for the end as we talk about the upcoming TABLE Gaming Expo and the charity poker tournament.  - Taffeta

  • 2 players
  • 45 minutes to play
  • In Castellan, two players work together to build a castle Wall and tower pieces link together to form courtyards.