Friday, April 10, 2015

DC vs Marvel Super Star Baseball

Today's Fangirl Friday post incorporates two completely different fandoms: baseball and superheroes. Today in Texas particularly the northern part, we're celebrating the home opener for the Texas Rangers! Non baseball fans, trust me when I say that this is very much a big deal for us. Ranger fans start pulling into the parking lot at Yes, at 8am the early risers load their vehicles up full of chairs, grills, coolers, grillables and alcohol. Sometimes if we don't have tickets, we'll bring a TV! Again, Texas Rangers baseball is kind of a big deal around these parts, it's tradition. 

Unfortunately for me Mother Nature decided to sludge on by and make her monthly visit. The idea of sitting on plastic chairs (my back!) and being nearly a few hundred yards away from a working toilet (my panties) just wasn't in the cards for me today. I am terribly crushed I couldn't make it to the Amigos Tailgating party (they're 9th year) but all their pictures (Dj booth, dancing,bacon everywhere, grilled jalapeƱos, Jell-O shots and more) did inspire me to write this post. FINALLY, RELEVANCE!

I'm here on my couch on top of a heating pad with Marvel's Daredevil streaming on the big screen. I got to thinking it might be fun to fantasy catch a good ole ballgame between Marvel and DC.
Here are my super hero picks for my fantasy baseball game. What do you folks think? - Taffeta Darling 

Marvel vs DC Baseball Dream Teams

Marvel Fantasy Baseball Line Up:
Right Field: Reed Richards
Centerfield: Quicksilver
Left Field: Angel /Arch Angel
First Base: Colossus 
Second Base: She-Hulk
Third Base: Nightcrawler  
Short Stop: Spider Woman
Catcher: Dazzler 
Pitcher: Storm  
Manager: Charles Xavier

First Base: Cyclops
Third Base: Beast

DC Fantasy Baseball Line Up:
Right Field: Superman
Center Field: Barry Allen (The Flash)  
Left Field: Miss Martian 
First Base: Nightwing 
Second Base: Plastic Man
Third Base: Booster Gold and Skeets
Short Stop: Catwoman
Catcher: Zatanna  
Pitcher: Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
Manger: Oracle 

First Base: Oliver Queen 
Second Base: Jim Gordon

Head Umpire: Jackie Robinson