Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Harrow County A New HORROR from Dark Horse Comics

Harrow County is being dubbed as the scariest comic Dark Horse has distributed. It’s beautifully painted in watercolor by B.P.R.D. artist Tyler Crook, and the story that Cullen Bunn has crafted is probably his best since The Sixth Gun.

"Harrow County began in a karaoke bar in Portland, Oregon. I was sitting at the bar with Dark Horse editor in chief Scott Allie, and I mentioned that I really wanted to help publish a creator-owned horror series by Cullen and Tyler. After hearing what the story was about, Scott immediately signed off. For the next couple of months, I was privileged to watch this beautiful comic grow as I received scripts and art from the creators" - Daniel Chabon, Editor

Fans will love Harrow County too—and they’ll want to start with the single issues rather than wait for the trades to get the most bang for their buck. In the single issues, Harrow County will include two exclusive backup stories that won’t be featured in the trade collections. If readers want that additional content, they’ll need to visit their LCS for to physical copies of the terrifying illustrated prose stories by Cullen and Tyler, along with the backup comic “Tales of Harrow County” by Cullen and Owen Gieni (Manifest Destiny).

Harrow County #1 will be on sale May 13th.