Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lost In Transition

Ahoy-hoy friends! I'm having the worst insomnia this morning and thought "Hey, why not write that blog post I've been needing write and let everyone know about the upcoming changes?" and so, here we are.

For the past year and a half FANGIRLS has been a one of a kind Webshow offering an all female round table perspective on the pop culture world. We have been so fortunate to introduce numerous guests in our own Dallas community to the world as well as interview legends who have been most excellent to us. We had a few changes in studio locations but the heart beat has pulsed on. During the gnarliest of transitions we kept going and putting out reviews using shit equipment, because we sincerely love gathering every Sunday and talking geek. 
It's not about being YouTube famous, or winning awards, it's not about doing more to be sexy to get noticed, it's not about getting press passes to various events (although that latter part is nice). For me, and the other women and men who have joined me, it's simply about having fun. And we DO have fun. But truth be told this shit is hard to do on a slim budget and can be mentally and physically draining. I am grateful for those that have been by my side and continue to believe in this project. I am incredibly humbled by the fact that so many of those guests, cohosts and friends involved recognize that FANGIRLS is legitimately special. Even still producing, hosting, booking and the post work of it all is a lot to handle, and so I've finally stopped being stubborn and decided to make some changes and get the help that is the best fit for the Webshow to succeed. Some of you may have noticed that we slowly phased out the weekly LIVE aspect to our show, which really has been one of the best things for us because we can focus on just having fun instead of stressing on being confined to a specific time frame. We're focusing on breaking up the reviews into segments rather than shoving a bunch of topics together at once. Based on our numbers and statistics, a bunch of you love watching us for about 25 minutes and then slowly trail off, I get it: my attention span is short too. 
I'll admit I'm not a professional, I didn't go to school for production or film but I have the passion. And the feedback I receive constantly is that passion and drive what it takes to succeed and the rest will usually find a way, and recently it has. 
For months now I've been working behind the scenes and under quiet terms to find a way to bring the quality and production of the FANGIRLS webshow to the level of energy and passion myself and my cohosts have. The main difficulty, for me, has been letting go of the notion that accepting help means defeat. Ive felt that because I couldnt do every god damn thing myself, that I'm a failure. Even though I've been told over and over that is isnt...it still was to me. It's tricky being stubborn and I've been this way all my life. Okay so after copious amounts of the "here's why", here's the what:  (queue fanfare)
The FANGIRLS are joining forces with POPnerdTV at www.POPnerdTV.com. I worked with these guys last year on a documentary titled "Unconventional" which followed myself and a few industry folk around who were heavily involved in the comics and convention scene. It's a wonderfully done and insightful film. 
They originally had contacted me to start a new show on their channel which I was excited for but eventually it became a no brainer that FANGIRLS needed some support too. POPnerdTV asked if I wanted to add FANGIRLS to their lineup. And so here we are: another transition. This isn't just a transition for the show, it's a transition for me personally in knowing to accept help, and the right help. It's a huge transition for the North Texas geek community because the crew behind POPnerdTV has so much to offer. What they have planned and what they can accomplish is like nothing else around in our ever growing state, or even the Southwest. It's a new, vulnerable studio and they are just starting out, which is why I think it's such a perfect fit since I know all about that. I'm looking forward to working with a professional production company that understand the importance of doing these shows out of my house. We'll still film at House Tolkien Studios but now along side a talented crew which some are getting their double masters in production and film, professional advice to grow the quality of FANGIRLS, professional post work and editing, and of course eventually the main thing; professional cameras. So long webcams! 
POPnerdTv is going to be big and I'm so lucky they've asked FANGIRLS to join them. Trust me when I say this. If you know me, then you know that I usually have a good eye for these things. 

Stay updated by following our official facebook page www.facebook.com/fangirlsOfDallas, as we're eventually going to get an updated fancy new blog to keep connected to all our friends. In the mean time I'll keep posting here during the transition and you folks keep supporting us and being the fucking fantastic people you are. - Taffeta Darling